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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Trains. And banks.



Can someone explain to why train companies feel like they can justify hiking up ticket prices (this is the third time this year prices have been raised, on 2 occasions, no public notice was given) yet they can't run an effective service.

I paid £18.70 for a return from Portslade to Crawley...the journey takes about 50mins.
Today it took me 1:15hrs to get to work and 2:30 to get home.

Every time I plan to get on a train (which is now about twice a week) there is some spectacular fuck up that delays it, always during rush hours as well it seems.
WHere the fuck is this extra money going if not on making our service more efficient? I want to see some results. Some bang for my buck.

Anyone else had any spectacular train debacles (yes, DEBACLES) recently, or am I alone here?

Next up, banks.

Now today I got my card eaten by an ATM, the second time in 6 months.

This one let me view my balance as well before it decided to crash when I decided I wanted to take some money out.

Did my balance offend it?

Was it some sort of secret series of numbers that look particularly delicious?

Should I stop buying take out with my bank card so the machine doesn't think it's food?

So yes, I had to call the helpline.
And where do the banks place the 'Lost or Stolen' helpline number.
Of course.
The back of you bank card.
Which is in an ATM.
A system designed to make the withdrawals of cash quicker and more efficient. Yeah.

WHY do NONE of these banks put the helpline number on their ATM's?!
I had to ask several strangers if they had Barclays bank cards to get a helpline number. Pretty sure most were convinced I was the most amateur con artist ever, but eventually some old dude (cheers old dude) let me use his.

10 WORKING DAYS I HAVE TO WAIT FOR A NEW BANK CARD! My account has also been locked. Wicked.
I will now have to reset my eBay and PayPal as well, which as any of its users now, is a complete motherfecken.

For an added insult to injury, the machine actually rebooted itself this time! And yet no, even after a few clicks, no bank card.

Banks, stop using Windows to run your ATM's or at least put a helpline number on there (with someone who speaks english clearly as well would be nice)

Next time I go to town I'm going to take the bus and ask go to the counter in the bank and ask politely that the cashier doesn't gobble down my card.

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