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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ask me anything!...please...

So like the social networking butterfly I am, I joined FormSpring.

I was one of the first amongst my friends and it appears to be catching on a little more now.

I prefer it to something like Twitter, which is essentially a series of very dull status updates such as 'I am eating a grape. It had a seed. Yuck' and 'I am on the bus. God, it's boring.' and it's a nice break from the constant status updates and pictures of 'the night of 1000 shots' that Facebook has to offer.

The idea of anybody from your nearest and dearest to complete strangers (pending on where you post your FormSpring URL) being able to pose questions, anonymously or not, to myself appealed to me for several reasons.

Firstly, give people anonymity and they will think they are invincible.

This is why the internet is as successful as it is.

People think they are amazing and enjoy tearing other people down, especially when there is no or very little chance at a backlash.
Check any YouTube videos comments for examples.

Giving these people the chance to ask me questions anonymously gave them opportunities to:
- Confess their feelings, amorous or spiteful
-Ask questions they want to know the answer to without revealing their personal interest
-Be honest!

Anonymous questions make you curious.

You're almost positive it's someone who is on your Facebook (or wherever you post the link) and it must be someone who gave a damn enough to bother clicking on the link and typing, but who?

One of my friends actually requested that I post all my questions anonymously for this exact reason.

Secondly, I like the idea of people taking an interest in my life.

As I said, people think they are amazing and like to be told so.
FormSpring is a very egotistical website and it can swing both ways.

High number in Inbox, wicked. Low or none in Inbox, bummer, no-one gives a fuck.
It's usually the latter. I blame apathy and the fact the site is still growing.

Shut up. It's probably true!

Lastly, it makes you think.

Someone, who is taking things seriously, could pose a question to you that maybe you hadn't even thought of.
A question that allows you to assess where you are in life. What are my goals? Where am I now? Am I happy?
It could make you step back, take a look at that aspect of your life and go 'hmmmmm'.

Typically though, you'll just be asked something along the lines of 'If you had the chance to punch a whale, would you?'

It will be interesting to see how this site grows, especially how media, celebrities and businesses use it.
We've seen it happen to the best of them.


Each have had their moment in the sun and have grown into something else.

You want to check out the latest bands, signed or unsigned, you hit up MySpace.
Want to know what your friends are up to and what events are coming up, Facebook is your friend.
Feel the need to update people about your life constantly? Get Twitter (blogs are like so 2008!)

I am going to keep using FormSpring.

I want to see where this one goes.

If you feel like asking me a question, you can find my FormSpring link in the sidebar on the right.

UPDATE: The day after posting this, 5 of my friends joined FormSpring and another 3 posted questions anonysmously without signing up!

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