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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Queing in the name of...

So this morning has been exciting!

First time I have come to work early in forever and what is it for?
RATM tickets.

After getting massively over excited when I received my code yesterday (I thought I had actually got tickets) I was slightly confused as to why they chose a Wednesday morning at 9am to hold the 'ticket lottery'.

Majority of the UK starts work at 9am and not everyone has the 'pleasure' of a job where they sit on their arse at a computer with internet access.

I arrive at 8.45am (a new record for me) and collect my details, write them on a piece of paper and open up the ticket link ready to go...

The mood is intense.

The link goes up 5mins early (not at all surprising as this has happened to me many times before and this time, I'm prepared) and I get lobbed into a queue.

This queue lasts a very long time.

I am encouraged by the page to refresh it and after a few refreshes I decide to leave it as it automatically refreshes every 20 seconds.

20 seconds pass.

The page jams.


Blank page.

The mood turns to panic.

I frantically try every link I can think of but am denied access every time!
I try other websites. All load fine. Probably due to the heavy traffic.

I get onto Facebook and frequently post my frustration and dismay in a variety of statuses until a glimmer of magic appears.

Mr Stuart O'Connor is online.

I enquire into the status of his quest for tickets and he is indeed 'Queing in the name of'.'

I return to my efforts of repeatedly copying and pasting both of the ticket links into IE and Firefox. Still nothing.

My phone vibrates.

Alana has text me letting me know Stu has scored tickets for them both and do I want to send her my codes. FUCK YES I DO!

I tippity tap mine and Steph's codes and postcode and hit the send button.
I make a quick stop to tell Stu what a lucky 'bastaf' he is and go back to wearing out my F5 button.

Stu shoots me a message back to say not only has he booked his and Lana's tickets, but a pair for his mate and is now on the booking page for me!
This man ate his 'Lucky Charms' this morning!

The next few minutes are a blur.
I frantically throw him my card details (tickets are being sent recorded delivery and cost £9 but what do I give a crap, 15mins ago I couldn't get on the fucking page!)

A minute that seems like a day passes and a message appears in the FB chat box.

'hellllllllll yaaaaa
ur going boy!!!'


I'm not sure what to do so I post a status raising Stu to a legendary godlike status and announce the extreme length and girth of his gentials.

I am going to see RATM.

Stuart O'Connor. Luckiest, well hung legend alive.

It's good to have friends.

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