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Friday, 1 October 2010

Peter Molyneux Presentation - Eurogamer Expo 2010

Here we are in the front row for the Peter Molyneux Eurogamer presentation.

The queue was absolutely heaving so I'm going to be amazed if everyone got in but happy to see that Andy Farrant and Dan Maher are chilling out behind us.

The stage set up consists of a large projected screen featuring the EGE logo but you can definitely tell that Peter has put his touch in here.
One corner of the stage features a large tree with scattered rocks and rusted lanterns. The other a large well (which I am hoping will be were Peter appears from) with a suit of armour standing proudly next to it.
Stage centre however, features a throne, complete with footstool, table, pillows. A longsword is propped against the throne, presumably to deal swiftly with any hecklers that may have snuck in.

A series of costumed characters have appeared. Wenches for the win.

Two of the costumed characters in pirate attire are engaging in a sword fight. It's pretty damn funny.

A town crier comes on and introduces the presentation video.
Everyone seems pretty pumped as we are treated to a look back over the franchises previous titles and their commendations.
Peter Molyneux is introduced by the town crier and opens with a wanking joke in reference to his strapped up hand. Awesome.

Peter is talking about the conception of Fable, looking back to his days making Dungeon Keeper, which only a few people clap for surprisingly, and the ideas that came from what kind of game they wanted to make and their obsession with levelling up.
"Sleepy Hollow' was one of the inspirations for Fable & Albion, tying in with the dark fairytales of Old England, specifically those involving terrible things happening to kids...
'King Arthur' is the inspiration for the Guild, whose destined destruction in Fable II was planned right from the beginning of Fable I.
'The Picture of Dorian Gray' is the inspiration for 'morphing', the way your character looks pending on how good or evil you act in the Fable universe, taking this idea further in Fable II by extending these morphing features to your weapon as well as your characters physical appearance.

Molyneux admits that saying his infamous quote 'Fable is going to be the greatest role playing game of all time' was a huge mistake and the press & public were quite right to call him out on it, but is determined to strive to achieve this mission statement.

Being shown some of the concept art for Fable, including the Hobbes which appear to be the perfect incarnation of the Old England fairytale inspiration.

Molyneux talks about Fable II and the decision between sticking to the Fable I blueprint and adding more innovation.
They chose the latter...which is the dog...inspired by Mad Max 2.
Apparently, the dog was put into the game to make us care and bond about it. Personally I just wanted it to find me treasure.

Molyneux jokingly states how deeply wounded he is by those who state they started the game and never finished.
Fable II's ending is the influence for the beginning of Fable III. After the the feedback of Fable II's 'big decision' ending, a big decision is what opens Fable III.

Kill Bill's 'Crazy 88' scene is stated as one of the influences for Fable II's combat, specifically the one button combat.
Molyneux's annoyance for the difficulty of pulling off incredible looking combo moves in fighters is what inspired the one button combat (rhythmic tapping & holding to carry out different moves).

Robin Hood is what inspired the environment and story behind The Spire in Fable II, which apparently we haven't heard all of.

Molyneux tells us that female characters were included because of an awareness of that there was a large female fanbase for Fable.
He also tells us that his wife doesn't like Fable.

Molyneux tells us about a family in the USA who live their entire life as if in Albion.

Fable III's conception was started in 2008.

Ico's game design, specifically the touch feature, is what inspired Fable III's touch mechanic, a further idea into Molyneux's obsession with immersion and bonding with your character and the NPC's in Albion.
The period of Oliver Twist is the main inspiration for the setting in Fable III, the industrial feel that Charles Dickens portrays in his books.
Molyneux talks about how hard it is to not talk about the plot twist when you become King/Queen of Albion, hinting at the 'big decision' we had to make at the end of Fable II and how there will be more decision like this.

We are presented with 'Kingmaker', a mobile app.

You are placed into one of 2 factions, Rebels or Royalists, and you earn points by checking into locations.
Think 'Fable FourSquare'.
As a personal incentive, every time you check in to a location, you earn gold that can be imported into your Fable III game.
Molyneux talks about the possible inclusion of 'treasure hunts'.

'totally blown away...totally blown away....totally blown away...'

They are handing out t-shirts from the stage. I am stuck in my chair.

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